Madeline & Cody

July 9, 2022 • Gainesville, GA, USA
7 Days To Go!

Madeline & Cody

July 9, 2022 • Gainesville, GA, USA
7 Days To Go!

Our Story

Our story

Our story told by Jimmy Deas, Cody's pastor growing up at Westwood Baptist Church.

The first time I saw him he was a newborn in the church nursery. I watched him grow up from a baby to a boy to a teenager and then a college student. Somewhere along the way the fun-loving, sometimes goofy acting boy with the irrepressible grin turned into a mature young man. As I sat across his desk and looked at him, I was reminded of how fast time is passing. Maybe not for him but for me. Visiting and talking with a Godly young man like Cody gives me immense pride and satisfaction. I will even dare to believe that he listened to some of my preaching and it helped him in his Christian development.

This is Cody’s story and I’m glad he is allowing me to share it with you. Let’s start with some background to the story.

During his senior year in college, he dated someone, but the relationship ended about the time he graduated. There are many options for single young men who are looking for someone to date, but Cody decided to do something that few young people do—he made it a matter of prayer, asking God to bring him the woman who would be his wife. He was patient. He prayed. He put it in God’s hands and trusted.

Meanwhile a young woman named Madeline was living in Atlanta, Georgia, working for the Georgia Tech athletic department unaware that a guy in Live Oak, Florida was praying for God to bring that right person into his life or that she was that woman. Madeline almost took a position with the athletic department at the U. S. Military Academy in West Point, NY. However, before she accepted that position a similar position opened at the University of Florida. She applied and was hired so instead of moving to West Point, NY, she moved to Gainesville, Florida an hour away from where Cody lived and was praying for that right person.

One day, he says just for fun, he accessed a dating website and was attracted to the information about a young woman living in Gainesville. She worked for the UF athletic department and that was a real plus in her favor since he is a big Gator fan. The two of them had mutual friends and eventually, Cody and Madeline met, and he asked for a date. The first date was unusual. One of her college sorority sisters was visiting and the friend went along on the date. There was a second date, followed by more dates. Weeks turned into months and Cody began to believe that Madeline was the right person.

After a couple of years dating, Cody was ready to propose marriage. With the help of his somewhat devious friend, A. J., the two contrived a plan. Cody told Madeline that A. J. needed to practice taking some photographs. The three of them went to one of our local parks and A. J. took photographs of the couple in various places. He then asked Madeline which one of the locations was her favorite and when they returned to that spot, Cody pretended he had some ants on his leg. Bending down, he removed the ring box from his pocket and popped the question.

She said “Yes!”

Cody said, “Here’s to a lifetime with the woman I’ve prayed for, before I even knew her.” Before he met Madeline, God was already arranging things.

Madeline said, “Doesn’t matter if it’s diamonds or twine, forevermore I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.”

Now the plans are being made for a wedding and I advised Cody to stay out of the way until it’s time for the rehearsal.

Cody prayed and God redirected Madeline from going to New York to Gainesville. It’s amazing what God can and will do in response to prayer. “Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.” (Psalm 37:5)

When some young men get engaged, they say things like “I found the love of my life” or “I found my dream girl.”

Cody can truthfully say that Madeline is the answer to a prayer.

(Jimmy Deas is a Christian writer whose books are available from Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes and Noble)